Home Loan Modification For Chase – Ways to Successfully Modify a Chase Home Loan

Are you one of the millions of people who are having trouble making your mortgage payment each month? Do you have a loan with Chase? If so, there are some things you need to know about home loan modification for Chase customers; there are ways to successfully modify a Chase home loan.

These are the key things Chase can do in order to help you meet your goal of keeping your house and meet their goal of not having a property sitting around that they can’t sell. They can:

  1. Waive any late fees that have been assessed and stop any future ones.
  2. Lower your interest rate
  3. Eliminate foreclosure charges.
  4. Increase the number of years you pay on your loan.
  5. Otherwise change the terms of the loan.

How do you go about successfully modifying your Chase home loan? First and foremost, you must contact your lender. You must offer them proof of hardship. You can telephone first, but they will most likely need it in writing. Do not lie. They will want verifiable proof.

Get all the guidelines you need and fill out all paperwork in its entirety. Gather all the necessary information. You will need proof of all income and expenses, your loan account number, and so on.

Keep track of everything you send to Chase that has anything to do with the Chase home loan modification. If you send information, record the date and time you sent it. If you make a phone call, record the date and time, with whom you spoke, and the results of the conversation. I highly recommend getting a logbook specifically for this purpose.