Is a Chase Manhattan Mortgage Right For You?

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co. is the third largest provider and servicer of mortgage loans in the US according to Inside Mortgage Finance. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co. is a lending unit of JP Morgan Chase & Co, the second largest bank in the country. With this powerhouse, homeowners have the security benefit of a financially stable lending firm.

There are several ways to get a mortgage loan from Chase Manhattan. You can look up their toll free number in the yellow pages and talk to a loan officer. You can also apply through the internet or in person.

The company also has many loan programs you can select from. There are mortgages designed to help new borrowers purchase their first homes, opportunities for second mortgages and refinancing. Home equity loans are also available.

Chase Manhattan is strongly committed to help American citizens become homeowners. Not only does the company provide quality loan products, it also creates programs that would help minority groups and families belonging to the low-income bracket realize their American dream. For instance, the company, in partnership with National Urban League and Fannie Mae, created a low-cost financing program that helped undeserved households in 6 cities purchase their homes.

In 1996, Chase Manhattan Mortgage provided special mortgage loans to borrowers of Good Cent Mortgage. Good Cent Mortgage is a special finance program for building of (and encourage the building of) energy efficient homes.

Chase Manhattan also supports federal programs, like the Rural Housing Service, to help households in rural communities realize their dreams of owning a home.

Whether you want a new home, get refinancing, or tap into your home equity, Chase Manhattan has the right loan program for you. Whether you have a low or big income, from a minority or dominant group, from rural or urban community, Chase Manhattan Mortgage is dedicated to bring you your American Dream into a reality.